What NOT to do when you are pregnant

In this post I would like to share with you the things what you should avoid during your pregnancy. I think most of the points will be obvious for you but maybe they can help you to be sure. Besides the forbidden smoking, and drinking alcohol points I am going to deal with foods you should avoid during the next 9 months in order to have a beautiful and super healthy baby.

1. Do not overstrain yourself

You can feel from the first to the third trimester that your body is telling you to slow down! So you should take it easy as much as you can. It means that you have to take a break and you should have to get rid of the things which are not essential. If you can not sleep it is okay, but try to have a nap and put your feet up, read you favourite book or magazine and enjoy your situation.



2.  Do not drink Alcohol

It is obvious for every woman I think, but it is really important to mention. Just say no to alcohol, because any kind of alcohol you drink reaches your baby through your bloodstream. It can cause that your baby’s blood alcohol levels will be higher than your. I do not have to say that it is very very bad and dangerous.

What risks are you taking if you drink alcoholic drinks during pregnancy?

– it can increase the odds of having a low-birthweight baby

– it can increase the odds that your child will have problems with talking, learning, attention span and hyperactivity

– it can cause that your child will be aggressive

– it can also increase the rosk for miscarriage and stillbirth

As you can see there are lots of reason why you should avoid alcohol during pregnancy. So keep it safe and do not drink any kind of alcoholic drink. (If you need some help in connection to this you can find someone who can help you.)


3. Do not use drugs – of course

Similarly to the previous point I am sure that you know this. Any kind of drug you use during pregnancy gets into the bloodstream of your baby’s as well as in the case of alcohol.

Marijuana may restrict your baby’s growth and it can cause tremors in your baby. Cocaine is extremely dangerous too and its usage can lead to miscarriage, growth problems or premature delievery.

Besides the above mention of course other drugs are harmful too. (If you need help in connection to this you can find somebody to help you!)


4. Do not smoke

I have heard from many woman that smoking is not bad during pregnancy. I was really sceptic all the time I heard this but every future mother told me that they doctor told them that they harm their baby much more with the nervousness they feel if they can not smoke. I do not want to say any rude things but I think these doctors are fools and the mother who can not take such a little responsibility like this will have a problem in the future as a mother.

Smoking also increases the odds of miscarriage, growth problems, premature delievery and it can increase the chance that your baby will be die in infancy or will be stillborn. So if you are smoking I suggest you to quit, because every cigarette you do not smoke gives your baby a better chance in life to being fully healthy.



5. Avoid caffeine

If you can get rid of coffee or any kinnd of drink which contains caffeine do it! Caffeine has no nutritive value and it makes your body harder to absorb iron. As you may know many pregnant woman are already low on it. Beside this caffeine has a stimulating effect whuch can cause headache and insomnia.


6. Do not eat the following things:

– Raw or Undercooked Animal Food such as:


– Hot Dogs, Luncheon Meats, Unpasteurized Dairy Foods


– Particular seafood and fish like:



I hope you enjoyed this post and you gain some information which can be useful during pregnancy.

Have a nice day! And do not forget to come back soon!