How to choose the best baby clothes?

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering about the topic of the next blog post and finally I decided to write about baby clothing! Most of us have a lots of question at the beginning when we become a mother – and these things include the question: how should we choose the best clothes for our baby? And what are the most important characteristics what we have to take into consideration before we buy baby clothes? In this post first I am goind to deal with the answers for these questions and after that I will share you my favourite site where you can find unique and funky baby clothes!

I remember when I was a fresh mom I had doubts about everything what I did. I always questioned myself and it was not good. Anyway I think most of the women are in the same situation when she having her first baby.

So besides everything one of the most important and must have things are clothes. I was very lucky when I gave birth for my first one, because mine and my husband’s family helped us a lot. They bought us the necessary things included the must have baby clothes so I did not have to do anything. But after that I got pregnant with my second angel I have already knew what kind of things I have to buy and what kind of clothes we will need.

I write this post especially for you if you are expecting but it can be useful if you are a fresh mom. But you do not have  worry if you are already a mother with a few children, this post contain great tips for you too!

So, let’s get it started 🙂 I tried to collect the most important factor what you should pay attention before buying baby clothes!

1. Material

One of the most important thing is the material of the baby clothes. As you know newborns and their skin’s are really precious. So until age 1  it is recommended to buy a clothes which made from 100% combed cotton.


2. Simplicity & Leisure

We have to admit that snaps and zippers can be fashionable adornments. But believe me, between the hundreth of feeding and changing you will not care about style in every day life… That is the reason why I recommend you to buy baby clothes which have big and stretchy neck holes and snaps at the crotch. Try to choose clothes as simple as possible because you can make your’s and your baby’s life much more easier. + You can save a lots of time with them if you do not need to spend too much time with changing.


3. Size

Due to every baby is different and every clothing company has a different size standard I recommend you to use our Size Chart in order to find the most appropriate one for your baby. For newborn it is quite a lottery for the first time but at the beginning you do not need very much clothes.


Besides the above mentioned most important things you can think creatively about color. Of course you can never have enough white pieces but you can also have some cute and colourful baby clothes.

I remember when funny baby clothes became fashionable. I thought that they are so cute but I was afraid of what others will think about me at the supermarket or anywhere. But after a while I saw many babies in funky baby clothes so I decided to buy some for my cuties.

Finally I found myself on a really great website which name is They produce different kind of baby clothes with funny slogens! The funny baby clothes which can be found on their website are made from cotton, they are really simple to put on and put off. I really satisfied with the produts and also the customer service! They can help you to find the right size for your baby if you have any doubt. I truly recommend you to visit their site if you would like to buy funky baby clothes for your cutie!

I ordered from them a few times and quality was always the best. I collected the clothes what I ordered from them, they are really cool and funny! I hope you like them and do not think that I am crazy 🙂


*** It is important to mention that most of the baby clothes are available in many different colours and you can also choose them with short or long sleeve!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you could find useful information about clothing!

Come back and visit my page until weekend, I plan to write a new post soon :)!