Best Ways To Tell Your Family and Friends that You’re Pregnant

In this post I would like to share you great tips to announce pregnancy in fun and creative ways. I collected these from the internet and I think they are really funny!

I divided the ways into 2 different parts. Firtsly you can find tips to tell the good news for your family members and secondly you can read about the ways to share it with you friends.

Adorable ways to tell your Partner that he will be a father:

1. Buy a card for father’s day and and sing like Mom and Baby


2. Buy him the book “My boys can swim” written by Ian Davis


3. Put the pregnancy test under his pillow or any other place where he can find it.



Cute ways to tell your parents that you are Pregnant:

1. Give your mother or father a little gift which said: I Love Grandma or I love Grandpa




2. Go to your parents house with a pink a blue balloons and enjoy their reaction 🙂



3. If you have already a child you can buy for him or her a cute baby clothes which say that: I am going to be a big sister or I am going to be a big brother or any kinds of slogen like this. Go out for lunch or dinner to your parents and surprise them 🙂


4. Give away a box of tampons for your sister – It is kinda weird but there are future mothers who did this 😀


Funny ways to tell your friend that you are expecting:

1. Take a photo from your positive pregnancy test or find one on the internet and change your profile picture on Facebook. It posts an alert when friends change their profile pictures so everyone can get the good news quickly.


2. Take a photo from your pregnany test and email it for them



I hope you enjoyed this post!

Do not forget to came back soon 🙂