My Story

Hello Everyone,

Let me wish you a warm welcome to my personal webpage. I am so pleased that finally my own brand new website up and running. It took longer than I expected but finally it is ready and I hope you like it!

Let’s talk about me and the reason why I created this site.

My Name is Laura Doyle. I am a 32 years old wife and mother of two beautiful children. I have a little girl and a baby boy so I am a housewife currently.

Honestly I really like this position and I am happier than ever before. I enjoy every minutes of motherhood.

The reason why I made this website is to help other moms to feel the same way as me. I would like to give advise and tips based on my experiences! I believe that my experiences can make your life easier so I would like to share every little hacks I found out since I am at home.

I will write about time management, things around the house but also I am going to deal with every kind of baby related topics. Of course I would like to share pictures and other useful stuffs with you.


If you are a mother and you are interested in the above mentioned topics, do not hesitate to come back often because I will update this page frequently!

Thank you,