Main characteristics of the Best Strollers

In this post I would like to write about the main features what you should look for when you want to buy a new stroller. After that I would like to ask you to watch the short video below about the best strollers to buy in 2016. This toplist is really fresh and useful because it contains the 7 top rated baby strollers available online.

You can get a wide range of strollers to choose from and get the perfect one for your little bundle of joy. Varieties such as combo strollers, jogging strollers, umbrella strollers and travel system strollers are available to name a few. Before you invest in the latest and most fashionable stroller model, you must first consider your baby’s safety and daily travel needs.


Plan your buy

Below are a few things to consider:

  • The angle of recline and it should be possible for the seat to recline all the way back of your newborn. The seat should also be adjustable back up as the baby grows up.
  • If you are planning to keep a lot of items in the stroller, then a full-sized stroller will be the right prescription for you.
  • If you love to walk and jog with your cute angel, then buy an umbrella stroller because it is light and easy to handle.
  • Please ensure that the wheels of the stroller are solid with a broad base. This will prevent the stroller from moving backwards when you push lightly on the handles.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in pushing the stroller.
  • Before buying a stroller, please keep in mind, that you can fold and unfold the stroller easily with one hand while holding the baby with the other hand.
  • Always try to buy a T-shaped buckle which will go around your baby’s waist and between the legs.
  • It should have brakes on its rear wheels.
  • In the case of buying a double stroller, side by side types are easier to handle than the in-line models.

Safety of your child – first priority

While buying a stroller you need to check that it is secured by five point safety harness belt. This type of belt has a removable 360-degree rotating hook, which is very easy to use; and this will provide full safety for your little one.

Sometimes you will get a removable canopy for umbrella strollers. It will protect your cute little baby from getting exposed directly to the sunlight and its UV rays or even in case of a sudden rain.

Operational ease – Fold, Unfold, brake

You can use the brake located on each rear wheel by just pressing the brake lever downwards. Always make sure that the stroller does not move while the brake levers are pressed downwards. If you want to release the brake, gently lift up the brake lever. You must wear always the seat belts to avoid any injuries to your beloved. After placing your child on the stroller seat, attach the seat belts, so that the child does not fall down.

To fold your stroller, just push the red lever to the left and pull up. Then push the handle bars towards the front and squeeze it together. Then secure your stroller position by locking the latch on the sides of the stroller.

To unfold your stroller, first release the latch, which you will find on the right side. Now pull up the handles of the stroller until the frame is unfolded. Now you should use your foot to press gently down the folding cross bar, and the stroller should get opened.

I would like to help you to find the best one which meets with your expectations.

Watch the following video about the best strollers available today:


Find the Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period in a woman’s life, but we can state it is also one of the most uncomfortable one too. If you are pregnant your body is continously changing until nine months so even everyday tasks and movements can be difficult at the end. As your baby is growing your belly gets bigger and bigger too.

Most of the women suffer from unpleasant back pain, and leg cramps but one of the biggest problem is the lack of sleep. Many soon to be moms can not sleep well during pregnancy. They can not get comfortable at night because of their tummy.

This new size set a bunch of challanges but many of them can be cured easily if you are using a pregnancy pillow. Maternity pillows are designed for pregnant women in order to relieve their pains and make them comfortable in their everyday pregnant lives. A pregnancy pillow offers a lots of benefits: it supports your belly and ensure peaceful sleep for you and your partner. They are made from hypoallergenic material so everybody can use it without any allergical reaction. You can also use it after giving birth as a nursing pillow if you do not want to buy a separate one for this purpose.

There are 3 different pregnancy pillow types available in the market to buy. The cheapest and smallest type is the pregnancy wedge pillow. The second one is full lenght pregnancy body pillow which is a sausage like, long pillow. The third and most popular maternity pillow called total body pregnancy pillow. It can come in „C” shaped and „U” shaped design. The purpose of this pillow is to give full support of your whole body, front and back too.

If you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow we highly recommend you to watch the video about the best pregnancy pillow reviews. This is a short video about these pillows in general and it shows you the TOP 10 maternity pillows. This toplist was created based on more than 7000 customer reviews and comments from moms who have already bought and use one of them. Before you decide which pregnancy pillow you should buy, check this video because it can help you a lot.

In the description of this video about the best pregnancy pillows you can find the toplist of the recommended products. You can also find each and every products’ names and their prices. This seller offers you discounted prices so if you want to get this pillow for the greatest price you are at the right place.


More tips on how to get a better sleep during your pregnancy check out this article on Wikihow.

How to choose the best baby clothes?

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering about the topic of the next blog post and finally I decided to write about baby clothing! Most of us have a lots of question at the beginning when we become a mother – and these things include the question: how should we choose the best clothes for our baby? And what are the most important characteristics what we have to take into consideration before we buy baby clothes? In this post first I am goind to deal with the answers for these questions and after that I will share you my favourite site where you can find unique and funky baby clothes!

I remember when I was a fresh mom I had doubts about everything what I did. I always questioned myself and it was not good. Anyway I think most of the women are in the same situation when she having her first baby.

So besides everything one of the most important and must have things are clothes. I was very lucky when I gave birth for my first one, because mine and my husband’s family helped us a lot. They bought us the necessary things included the must have baby clothes so I did not have to do anything. But after that I got pregnant with my second angel I have already knew what kind of things I have to buy and what kind of clothes we will need.

I write this post especially for you if you are expecting but it can be useful if you are a fresh mom. But you do not have  worry if you are already a mother with a few children, this post contain great tips for you too!

So, let’s get it started 🙂 I tried to collect the most important factor what you should pay attention before buying baby clothes!

1. Material

One of the most important thing is the material of the baby clothes. As you know newborns and their skin’s are really precious. So until age 1  it is recommended to buy a clothes which made from 100% combed cotton.


2. Simplicity & Leisure

We have to admit that snaps and zippers can be fashionable adornments. But believe me, between the hundreth of feeding and changing you will not care about style in every day life… That is the reason why I recommend you to buy baby clothes which have big and stretchy neck holes and snaps at the crotch. Try to choose clothes as simple as possible because you can make your’s and your baby’s life much more easier. + You can save a lots of time with them if you do not need to spend too much time with changing.


3. Size

Due to every baby is different and every clothing company has a different size standard I recommend you to use our Size Chart in order to find the most appropriate one for your baby. For newborn it is quite a lottery for the first time but at the beginning you do not need very much clothes.


Besides the above mentioned most important things you can think creatively about color. Of course you can never have enough white pieces but you can also have some cute and colourful baby clothes.

I remember when funny baby clothes became fashionable. I thought that they are so cute but I was afraid of what others will think about me at the supermarket or anywhere. But after a while I saw many babies in funky baby clothes so I decided to buy some for my cuties.

Finally I found myself on a really great website which name is They produce different kind of baby clothes with funny slogens! The funny baby clothes which can be found on their website are made from cotton, they are really simple to put on and put off. I really satisfied with the produts and also the customer service! They can help you to find the right size for your baby if you have any doubt. I truly recommend you to visit their site if you would like to buy funky baby clothes for your cutie!

I ordered from them a few times and quality was always the best. I collected the clothes what I ordered from them, they are really cool and funny! I hope you like them and do not think that I am crazy 🙂


*** It is important to mention that most of the baby clothes are available in many different colours and you can also choose them with short or long sleeve!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you could find useful information about clothing!

Come back and visit my page until weekend, I plan to write a new post soon :)!

Boy Or Girl?

How did you find out your baby’s gender? I think this “Boy or Girl” cake idea is really cute! I recommend you to order one when you tell the family the gender of your little treasure! It makes the occasion super exciting (which is exciting anyway of course 🙂 ) and unforgettable!

Here you can see some cute cake ideas:


Best Ways To Tell Your Family and Friends that You’re Pregnant

In this post I would like to share you great tips to announce pregnancy in fun and creative ways. I collected these from the internet and I think they are really funny!

I divided the ways into 2 different parts. Firtsly you can find tips to tell the good news for your family members and secondly you can read about the ways to share it with you friends.

Adorable ways to tell your Partner that he will be a father:

1. Buy a card for father’s day and and sing like Mom and Baby


2. Buy him the book “My boys can swim” written by Ian Davis


3. Put the pregnancy test under his pillow or any other place where he can find it.



Cute ways to tell your parents that you are Pregnant:

1. Give your mother or father a little gift which said: I Love Grandma or I love Grandpa




2. Go to your parents house with a pink a blue balloons and enjoy their reaction 🙂



3. If you have already a child you can buy for him or her a cute baby clothes which say that: I am going to be a big sister or I am going to be a big brother or any kinds of slogen like this. Go out for lunch or dinner to your parents and surprise them 🙂


4. Give away a box of tampons for your sister – It is kinda weird but there are future mothers who did this 😀


Funny ways to tell your friend that you are expecting:

1. Take a photo from your positive pregnancy test or find one on the internet and change your profile picture on Facebook. It posts an alert when friends change their profile pictures so everyone can get the good news quickly.


2. Take a photo from your pregnany test and email it for them



I hope you enjoyed this post!

Do not forget to came back soon 🙂

What NOT to do when you are pregnant

In this post I would like to share with you the things what you should avoid during your pregnancy. I think most of the points will be obvious for you but maybe they can help you to be sure. Besides the forbidden smoking, and drinking alcohol points I am going to deal with foods you should avoid during the next 9 months in order to have a beautiful and super healthy baby.

1. Do not overstrain yourself

You can feel from the first to the third trimester that your body is telling you to slow down! So you should take it easy as much as you can. It means that you have to take a break and you should have to get rid of the things which are not essential. If you can not sleep it is okay, but try to have a nap and put your feet up, read you favourite book or magazine and enjoy your situation.



2.  Do not drink Alcohol

It is obvious for every woman I think, but it is really important to mention. Just say no to alcohol, because any kind of alcohol you drink reaches your baby through your bloodstream. It can cause that your baby’s blood alcohol levels will be higher than your. I do not have to say that it is very very bad and dangerous.

What risks are you taking if you drink alcoholic drinks during pregnancy?

– it can increase the odds of having a low-birthweight baby

– it can increase the odds that your child will have problems with talking, learning, attention span and hyperactivity

– it can cause that your child will be aggressive

– it can also increase the rosk for miscarriage and stillbirth

As you can see there are lots of reason why you should avoid alcohol during pregnancy. So keep it safe and do not drink any kind of alcoholic drink. (If you need some help in connection to this you can find someone who can help you.)


3. Do not use drugs – of course

Similarly to the previous point I am sure that you know this. Any kind of drug you use during pregnancy gets into the bloodstream of your baby’s as well as in the case of alcohol.

Marijuana may restrict your baby’s growth and it can cause tremors in your baby. Cocaine is extremely dangerous too and its usage can lead to miscarriage, growth problems or premature delievery.

Besides the above mention of course other drugs are harmful too. (If you need help in connection to this you can find somebody to help you!)


4. Do not smoke

I have heard from many woman that smoking is not bad during pregnancy. I was really sceptic all the time I heard this but every future mother told me that they doctor told them that they harm their baby much more with the nervousness they feel if they can not smoke. I do not want to say any rude things but I think these doctors are fools and the mother who can not take such a little responsibility like this will have a problem in the future as a mother.

Smoking also increases the odds of miscarriage, growth problems, premature delievery and it can increase the chance that your baby will be die in infancy or will be stillborn. So if you are smoking I suggest you to quit, because every cigarette you do not smoke gives your baby a better chance in life to being fully healthy.



5. Avoid caffeine

If you can get rid of coffee or any kinnd of drink which contains caffeine do it! Caffeine has no nutritive value and it makes your body harder to absorb iron. As you may know many pregnant woman are already low on it. Beside this caffeine has a stimulating effect whuch can cause headache and insomnia.


6. Do not eat the following things:

– Raw or Undercooked Animal Food such as:


– Hot Dogs, Luncheon Meats, Unpasteurized Dairy Foods


– Particular seafood and fish like:



I hope you enjoyed this post and you gain some information which can be useful during pregnancy.

Have a nice day! And do not forget to come back soon!